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Byzantium (2012) on IMDb

Genres: Drama | Fantasy | Horror

Releasing Date:  31 May 2013 (UK)

Director: Neil Jordan

Writers:  Moira Buffini (play), Moira Buffini (teleplay)

Stars:  Saoirse Ronan, Gemma Arterton, Sam Riley

Language: English


Watch Byzantium movie and enjoy the drama, fantasy and horror movie. Neil Jordan, director of the brilliant horror – opera “Interview with the Vampire ” , is dedicated to ” Byzantium ” again the vampire theme – and does not need many standards : crosses and garlic are left aside. The bloodsuckers have no fangs, but pointed a fingernail – and in daylight they do not go up in smoke and flames on (do not worry, they do not sparkle!). While the film is a short excerpt from the Christopher Lee classic ” Dracula: Prince of Darkness ” the conventions brings the vampire fiction into consciousness, suggests the story written by Moira Buffini an interesting new ways.


Together with his cinematographer Sean Bobbitt Jordan has created powerful cinematic images that bear witness to the compositional skill of the maker. Dramatically, a successful nesting of temporal levels – Eleanor wanders through the past, even once takes eye contact with her ​​former self.

In the flashbacks can “Byzantium “as periodic Picture convince. Disappointment as it applies only to name the helter – end: the resolution of the conflicts falls a little uninspired out – not least because Eleanor does not make the most important decision itself. This is somehow unsatisfactory for the end point of a mature drama.



The work is undeniably star- filled. Gemma Arterton as Clara comes with a daring Audrey – Hepburn – from-hell look , and therefore sets a rousing game of temper on the day especially in the mother / daughter battle sequences. Saoirse Ronan (“Atonement ” ) provides an insightful coming- of-age performance and prevents – wonderful support of Caleb Landry Jones (“The Last Exorcism ” ) – that the love story is the 08/15-Romanze between Eleanor and Frank.


The two young talents give their characters a sufficient amount of “weirdness”, so no danger of kitsch. The otherwise dazzling Sam Riley remains as a persecutor turn a little colorless in its interpretation.