Watch Calvary 2014 Movie ?

Director: John Michael McDonagh

Stars: Marie-Josée Croze, Kelly Reilly, Brendan Gleeson, Marie-Josée Croze

Running Time: 1 Hour 50 Minutes

Genres: Drama

Writers: John Michael McDonagh

Releasing Date: 11 April 2014 (Ireland)

Imdb Rating: 7.5/10

Plot: Ireland is a country of conservative Catholicism. I would not izletao, but would probably claim that Ireland’s most Catholic country in Europe was true. I dare say that the incidents from the clergy in Ireland, the picture of what happens when the priests that much power. There were various atrocities, exploitation of the poor and terrible enrichment clergy over almost prison living conditions of the residents of the orphanage homes and the church administration to pedophilia, child abduction and selling of the same wealthy American couples. Ultimately, it is the latter topic deals with the last British-Irish film Philomena who picked up an Oscar nomination. Misdeeds of the Catholic Church are, therefore, painful and a central theme in Irish society. Calvary , the new film by John Michael McDonagh deals with the clash of the church with the rest of society.

McDonagh brothers, John and Michael “Oscar winner” Martin is probably the most important authors of contemporary Irish cinema. John Michael stayed closer to home, The Guard and Calvary are primarily Irish films, deeply cemented in Irish society.

Calvary begins with one of the best baklava lately. The priest, Father James listens to a confession of believers after Sunday mass. Believer tells him that as a child she was abused by the old priest that the church “in the sentence” sent to Africa, where such behavior is still less echoed. Same believer will confess to the crime that is going to happen: For exactly one week to kill the very father of James, not because he is a villain who rapes children, but precisely because he is innocent, and generally a good person. The killing of such a priest would resonate more than the murder of a villain and will be more a statement than revenge. Father James, therefore, has another week of life to be reconciled with God and with yourself.