Watch Cantinflas 2014 Movie ?

Director: Sebastian del Amo

Writer: Sebastian del Amo, Edui Tijerina

Releasing Date: 18 September 2014 (Mexico)

Imdb Rating: 6.9/10

Genres: Biography and Drama

Running Time: 1 Hour 42 Minutes

Stars: Bárbara Mori, Michael Imperioli, Ana Layevska, Marius Biegai

Plot: Usually preceded by reaching a certain level of controversy is not harmful for a film, especially if the matter free piping is outrageous; and when you add to this the fact that it focuses on one of the actors and the most beloved characters in Hispanic cinema is clear that “Cantinflas” has everything to gain in terms of trade, which could theoretically meet or overcome the stunning success of “Instructions Not Included”, the film Derbez became the highest grossing of all time Latin American premiere.

The controversy, of course, because a Spanish is a figure who plays like this, besides being particularly revered by many even today, had a profoundly Mexican essence in their speech and behavior, despite that transcended boundaries to achieve also become an icon in all countries where our language is spoken, and to impress Hollywood with a unique but indisputable triumph Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical, which won in 1957 for his role in the celebrated “Around the World in 80 Days”.

On that side, and fortunately for all who were intrigued by this project, the interpreter of yore, Oscar Jaenada , does a great job, assuming the gestures, the voice and movements of your character with a fidelity that would have shut him mouth to all his detractors, and in which no feature of European origin actor really shows. We already knew this Barcelona had been intensely celebrated for his portrayal of an icon of flamenco “Shrimp”, a film that unfortunately did not have much international distribution-and we have not seen,; but what is here, at least at times exclusively “cantinflescos” is worthy of every praise.

The issue here is that, far from merely show Mario Moreno in his eternal characterization “baldy” that engages in a series of dialogues as tangled as funny, the film directed and co-written by Sebastian del Amo presents various aspects of the life of the “real” subject, which is likely to provide another controversy because, although not shown always free of defects, we resort to many simplifications and exempt outputs realism, beyond the moments of creative license can not question