Watch The November Man 2014 Movie ?

Director: Roger Donaldson

Writer: Karl Gajdusek with Michael Finch

Stars: Pierce Brosnan, Olga Kurylenko, Lazar Ristovski, Caterina Scorsone

Running Time: 1 Hour 48Minutes

Imdb Rating: 6.6/10

Releasing Date:  27 August 2014 (USA)

Genres: Action, Crime and Thriller

Plot: Former CIA agent Peter Devereaux runs quiet life in Switzerland, when John Hanley, his boss at the time, just ask the last time. The politician Arkady Federov, on track to become the next Russian president, quietly murdered all those who may have damaging information about his past. Devereaux will be responsible for exfiltrate his former business associate Natalia, now the secretary of Federov, who can provide a valuable name to the Secret Service. The unofficial operation turns into a bloodbath when Devereaux is overtaken by his former pupil Mason. Devereaux then swears revenge against his former allies.

The time to retire has come for James Bond. We’re talking well of course not the character created by Ian Fleming, fresher and lucrative than ever, but his fifth official actor Pierce Brosnan. Despite a more than respectable career since he hung up his clothes from 007 in 2002, Brosnan has obviously felt the need to go up once again in the ring adventures explosive spies. Unfortunately, everyone is not a chameleon like Liam Neeson, who has reinvented itself a breathtaking way of action hero movies approaching sixty. Conversion of Brosnan is infinitely more laborious and may be short-lived, given the very encouraging results at the American box office The November man . If the title of this film sloppy we were at least given the urge to make jokes, it seemed that the twilight of the career of the lead actor is near, so the full story of agents felt warmed ideas lack of investment and originality.

The most painful part of the film is its illogical scenario. While the introduction, when Devereaux was still on top of his impassive agent function, suggests a genre film about strong, things go seriously wrong when he becomes a free electron, full of rage and hatred. Except that its action reflects a little while rewarding way the narrative without head or tail. The reservations we usually inspires the world of Luc Besson, invested at least some consistency, as outrageous as it is, would sound almost like praise compared to the laughable inconsistency of the story of the film- thereof.