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Genres:  Comedy | Horror

Releasing Date:  11 May 2012 (USA)

Director: Tim Burton

Writers: Seth Grahame-Smith (screenplay), John August(story)

Stars:  Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green

Language: English

During his childhood , Tim Burton was enamored of a TV series to the fantasy world , ” Dark Shadows .” Conducive to reconciliation with its Gothic universe, this adaptation should be a tribute to the show and a way to explore new aspects of his films he knew kissing talent.

However , the situation is not far from alarming Tim Burton wanders like a ghost desperate , dying without any influence on this feature, the fire of his staging generating only a few fleeting sparks. The history of this family , however, was the ideal building to reconnect with his qualities as a filmmaker , taking one of his traditional frames : the wickedness of the world face marginal beings.


The real disappointment of the project lies in the inability of the director to come to combine comedy and horror , the horrific scenes are interspersed in dribs and drabs , which will not leave the viewer from the lethargy in which he had died . If some replicas are up to the hopes raised , their success is mainly due to the talent of actor Johnny Depp, it appears as the last bulwark against the film fiasco.

Indeed, the character of Barnabas Collins succeeds in brief moments , to raise the level of film and bring it to the fantastico – humorous mix would have been it, thanks to some tirades whose prose is fly . However, even if the humor will break due to the anachronistic offset the situation , it is only rarely visible on the screen.



By focusing on the whimsical love story between characters Depp and Eva Green, Tim Burton has denied the force foreshadowed the Collins family. Completions crazy, its members were the impetus that could transcend the film, making him the passion he is sorely lacking. However, the tracks are present, particularly in the character of Carolyn, teenager -like prostitute when she leaves transcend the music , and that of Dr. Julia Hoffman, sweet drunk with highly eccentric outfits.


But by refusing to develop the psychology of this household, Tim Burton only fly an essential aspect of the story, just like his film. Neither crazy comedy nor drama fantasy, the viewer finds himself at the heart of an in-between worlds where nothing is truly successful. It is then , too, condemned to watch an immortal love story in which the redundancy replaced ingenuity , speeches dragged on considerably.


In the end, this soap opera has little flavor and if times come to give birth a few emotions, these bursts are too low to allow the expected during the nearly two -hour film revolt. We would have liked to be bewitched by this adaptation , but unfortunately Tim Burton seems to be the real ” dark shadow ” of this history, will no longer sufficient to intoxicate the viewer , reinforced by the final print that appears as a fireworks which the rain spoiled the party . Attention Mr. Burton, you will eventually annoy us for good !