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Genres:  Comedy | Drama

Releasing Date: 2 May 2013 (Israel)

Director:  Josh Boone

Writers:  Josh Boone

Stars: Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins

Language: English

Specifically, the story centers on the love of a family ravings of writers , whether embodied or potential formed at first by the divorced father (Greg Kinnear ), his college-age daughter (Lily Collins) and her teenage son ( Nat Wolff ) . That takes about two years separated from his wife ( Jennifer Connelly ) , and in that time has been unable to write another book of success.

Keep thinking with all that will join his wife , thought justified by arguments that presence ( spying from the garden ) between her and her new partner, and a narrative twist that is revealed later awkwardly .



The daughter , meanwhile , has to his credit a warm novel , just published , and meanwhile flirts with any member of the opposite sex who crosses his path , based on a pragmatic and wanton love and our metabolism. However, this changes when he meets a classmate romantic and sensitive (Logan Lerman ) , also a mother afflicted with cancer . Finally, the child is in love with a girl who goes to the same class and having drug problems : at first she has another boyfriend , a pimp muscled , but the third member of the family and conquest rescues giving to it a punch at a party.


I read the brief biography on the official website of the film , we discover that A winter on the beach is in partly autobiographical and corroborated that has come true for one blissful combination of three vital possibilities the beginning of this review.