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Evil Dead (2013) on IMDb

Genres:  Horror
Releasing Date:  5 April 2013 (USA)
Director: Fede Alvarez
Writers: Fede Alvarez (screenplay), Rodo Sayagues
Stars: Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas
Language: English

Watch Evil Dead movie the real horror and blockbuster hit movie. The story starts with a little girl and a mother. By entrusting her baby , Sam Raimi knew what he was doing. Fede Alvarez , who loves ” Evil Dead” – he rightly considered a classic of the horror film – never wanted to do a remake. The young Uruguayan director of 35 years is smarter than that. If part of the same basis as the original, the reboot reinvents masterpiece of 1981, with total respect for the work of his master. Alvarez honors which had elevated to a true cult film , that is to say its cool fantasy and gore madness. Lovers of the old version will not be disappointed and those who have not seen the film Raimi will be stuck in this review.



Co- written by Alvarez scenario assumes great premise that little trip into the woods in the old family cabin allow the addict sister to wean away from dealers. When the demonic incantations awaken the spirit of evil that grips said sister , all his friends believe in the delirium due to lack and are far from worrying about his warnings , however well founded ! This is the spirit that dominates this ” Evil Dead” 2013 : Cool but the gore sauce …


An important element that has seen the original. For the fascination it also lies in the cheap side of his tricks and makeup of its actors. And if everything was rigged, the 1981 film was not less stressful, bathed in blood, screaming and members cut! Alvarez has not skimped on hemoglobin; it is the least we can say! Gore finally found his true nobility, having been a bit put forward last year in another (good) horror: “The Shack in the woods.”


“Evil Dead” Alvarez – his first feature – length fiction – refers to the best horror of the 70s and 80s films: ” Carrie devil “, ” Texas Chainsaw Massacre “, ” The Shining” and I ‘ on of the best . If there was a way to remove the mention of the blonde who did not understand and which flows blondement in the face of the devil (which cost him both arms : well done ) . The rest is pure pleasure for film buffs and horror of blood. We had not felt it since Aja remake with ” The Hills Have Eyes .” But what were you doing , Fede Alvarez, during all this time?