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Genres:  Action, Adventure and Animation

Releasing Date:  27 November 2013 (USA)

Director: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

Writers: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

Stars:  Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, Idina Menzel and Alan Tudyk

Language: English

The traditional Disney Christmas comeback. The Snow Queen, very free adaptation of the story by Hans Christian Andersen, is the result of an old project of a decade failed, before being reborn under the leadership of John Lasseter. A project finally treated too quickly, in an apparent attempt to capitalize to take advantage of the new derivative in vogue: a musical on Broadway. This is about the only reason for this fairy tale domesticated, who dreams up to the great Disney classics but merely observe the bottom of the bottom.

It was shortly after the release of The Little Mermaid, another brilliant adaptation of Andersen’s tale, is in the midst of the “Disney Renaissance” that the animation studio began to seriously consider an adaptation of The Snow Queen . A complex project given the darkness of the original story, a time worn by the great Glen Keane, before falling into the abyss of development hell. A project finally emerged cartons end of 2011, for release on screens two years later. A relatively short period of production for an animated film, which probably explains the unfinished impression that emerges from the final result. Indeed, not only the Snow Queenbrings nothing really new in the world of Disney Princesses, if not a slight refusal to assume his legacy, but the film is worth a look at purely technical. Difficult to challenge the animation itself rather successful with the notable exception of the expressions of the characters, but the overall design is a poverty that is painful to see.

Inanimate puppets in empty sets. That looks like The Snow Queen . As if the choice of snowy landscape imposed by the original story used as an excuse for not too much tread at the art direction. A strange choice for an almost overlooked result, which returns the film years ago, when technological tools do not allow to develop sufficiently rich decorations. There are some exceptions, the film is not inherently ugly, like the ice palace, but overall The Snow Queen marks a surprisingly graphic regression. Also a feeling that emanates from the characters whose inexpression facial poses serious problems in terms of empathy. Blank stares, faces frozen, the jump back is at least 10 years. A formal regression is accompanied by a serious hesitation at the point. While Rapunzel marked a relative change in the image of Disney princesses, through its strong and independent character, The Snow Queen is positioned at a crossroads without knowing which direction to take. The problem is difficult because the myth of Prince Charming has contaminated millions of young girls for decades does not really make sense, and should be reviewed and corrected. Except that in this Disney Christmas, it is set in a strange way waivers. It is operated through the character of Anna, Princess of the state whose sole purpose in life is to find her prince charming. Except that her prince charming is not the man she believes, even if it falls into the arms of anyone who gives him a minimum of attention. A revolution to develop something – but still short – around the illusion of first love, somewhere inherited the cynicism of Shrek.Fortunately, the heart of the film is not there, even though a large part of the story is devoted to the love affairs of the little sister. The soul of The Snow Queen is based on strong values ​​cherished Disney is essentially fraternity against adversity, blood ties as higher power. This is fine, except that the conclusion of the thing that finally take back what is developed in the introduction and Elsa will protect his little sister.Not really something to stimulate the minds of young people.