Watch Lee Daniels’ The Butler (2013) movie?

Lee Daniels' The Butler (2013) on IMDb

Genres:   Biography | Drama

Releasing Date: 16 August 2013 (USA)

Director: Mr. Lee Daniels

Writers: Wil Haygood, Danny Strong

Stars:  Oprah Winfrey, Forest Whitaker, John Cusack

Language: English


Watch Lee Daniels’ The Butler movie is an biography and drama based movie. Story begins in the United States in the 20s: the young Cecil Gaines (Michael Rainey Jr.) lives with his father (David Banner) and his mother (Mariah Carey). His mother is raped by the evil owner (Alex Pettyfer), shot his father by this short hand for a revolt, but life has still been kind to Cecil. Under the supervision of house lady (Vanessa Redgrave) Cecil is designed for “House Nigger”. He learns the advantage of serving to the hard work, and he himself years later opens the world to explore and finally as a servant in a hotel Washington DC lands.
One of the visitors is found of Cecil’s (Forest Whitaker), skills and asks what he thinks of this policy, whereupon Cecil politically correct answers for a black man, that he had no interest. The interview runs, Cecil gets the chance at the White House in 1957 to work as a butler, but all this is so incredible. While his wife Gloria (Oprah Winfrey) indulges more and more alcohol, his eldest son, Louis joins the peace activists and lands on a regular basis for his struggle for equality for all in jail…
Based on the true story of the butler Eugene Allen tries, the U.S. director Lee Daniels (The Paperboy) to tell the story of the fictional person of Cecil Gaines, who served from 1957 to. As interesting as all this sounds, it seems strange the formation of the film.
The beginning of “The Butler” begins very dignified on a cotton plantation in Georgia, where the young Cecil is not only confronted directly with death and the arbitrariness of the white man, but also met his vocation. From there, try director Lee Daniels along with his screenwriter Danny to tell a fictional story that a time frame of almost 30 years, spanning the whole, which focuses on the one hand, the events in the White House are, on the other, the course of the struggle for equal rights of African Americans, which is usually reported from the perspective of Cecil’s son.


During this time, issues such as the black students from Little Rock to be addressed, the non-violent protest of a group of college students in Greensboro, and the journey of the Freedom Riders with buses in the south, where protests and assaults have occurred on Black. There are a few insights into the Black Panther movement, it will be the death of Martin Luther King addressed and the rocky road to a hand full of activists who those heroes were awarded status until decades later that they actually deserved.


Much of this historical digression on almost 135 minutes of time has been treated very interesting; many topics reflect still current events again and so cannot help you, “The Butler” to be regarded as a kind of school film, which is particularly due to its sometimes tame production. Because of the intended PG13 rating quite a few of these very complex issues are best touched on briefly, from the time that took place violence is to recognize something and then have to leave “The Butler” the accusation only marginally, to have delivered a politically correct framework for action, the has sometimes but not enough to do with the negative aspects of this era.

Lee Daniels’ The Butler “is a very ambiguous to be viewed work, because while on the one hand the historical aspect for almost three decades has worked quite successfully, one would sometimes wish a little harder staging and a hand full of presidents who credibly their respective roles embody.