Watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 Movie ?

Director: James Gunn

Stars:  Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, Lee Pace, Dave Bautista

Releasing Date: 1 August 2014

Genres: Action, Fantasy and Adventure

Imdb Rating: 8.6/10

Writers: James Gunn with Nicole Perlman

Plot: First of all, you better be frank: ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy’ is bullshit. Such bullshit funny and self-aware that it is impossible to resist its charms. Chaotic, hyperactive and often incongruous, has all the charm of B movies that Marvel had the first time, being as close to her film department has given birth to the great classics of the company paper.

James Gunn confidently handles his lack of experience with the blockbusters of these dimensions, resulting in a tape full of failures and successes, as unpredictable and shameless earning you just hopelessly for their cause. A space opera funky and decidedly nerd, starring the most charismatic group of characters that Marvel Studios has given birth.

From the scene where we have children of Peter Quill, the Star Lord of Chris Pratt makes clear his skills as a rogue, stealing potatoes to blow patienter sly attitude and irredeemable. A worthy heir of all Han Solo, Mal Reynolds or Spike Spiegel of life counts as ally as a cassette of music … it will cost farmyard resist the urge to get in ‘Risky Business’ mode in the film, among monsters aliens and strange planets.

But if the first voice seize the audience knows, the rest of the coral not far behind, highlighting a Rocket and Groot that stand as the best pair of side which gave fantastic cinema from Legolas and Gimli, or new twist to sibling rivalry that offer Gamora and Nebula.

The choral cast spans the myriad characters that populate the film, and make fun never falter. From Yondu and his band of marauders to the eccentric collector Benicio del Toro , through the Nova Corps Dey and Saal, the imposing presence of Thanos or Bereet are countless characters that are left wanting in this rich cosmology constructed by Marvel Studios.

Not everyone is as well though, and Dave Batista Drax frentue hook is something his teammates despite efforts that puts tanning wrestler. Sometimes because her character lines are somewhat tiresome, and other pretends that move with difficulty. As if the agility of his best days had given way to a cost Batista seems to carry the weight of their own muscles.