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Inception (2010) on IMDb

Genres: Action | Adventure | Mystery

Releasing Date:     16 July 2010 (USA)

Director: Christopher Nolan

Writers:    Christopher Nolan

Stars:    Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page

Language: English

Watch Inception movie it is a major work of science fiction, blowing pass all similar productions last decade. I take care not to reveal more than you pitch. The interest is to be initiated with the rules of the world of dreams by Cobb and his henchmen. Every question we can ask is answered with clear evidence. His designs of the dream, the inception and infiltration techniques are solid and seamless. And here is a blockbuster that does not take us for turkeys
The references are numerous, but without being too supported. Instead, he deftly mixes with discernment in selecting those who are most in tune with the script. With “The Dark Knight”, he served us a brilliant “Heat” with superheroes. With “Inception” was entitled to “Ocean’s eleven” in the meanders of the subconscious.



Technically, the mastery is constant, except perhaps during the action scenes. Although they are a little more readable than in Batman, they are still not the strong point of the British director. Regardless, the visual ambition is up means established. Nolan has the intelligence to prefer mechanical special effects to digital, and turn in real space rather than on a green background. It feels and distortions of space take all their dimensions. Absolutely stunning!


The relationship between Cobb and Arthur deserved more subtlety. Joseph Gordon- Levitt, Ken Watanabe as in an interesting yet ambiguous role of sponsor can be found under exploited. However, the characters of Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard remain. DiCaprio is credible tortured but less impressive than in the films of Scorsese hero. Its composition forger delightfully bold and assured infuses a hint of lightness contrast and pervasive Hans Zimmer score.

In short, if it cannot be the best Nolan is, we can rejoice to see a blockbuster arousing much entertainment as cognitive production. Leaving the way open for the most twisted and Machiavellian explanation, “Inception” may well improve over the viewings. When I watch this movie I like this film very much and I believe that you people will also like the movie. So try to download this film for free and watch it now. You will definitely like the film.