Watch Wolverine: Way of the Warrior movie ?

The Wolverine (2013) on IMDb

Genres: Action | Adventure | Fantasy

Releasing Date:   26 July 2013 (USA)

Director: James Mangold

Writers:   Mark Bomback (screenplay), Scott Frank(screenplay)

Stars:  Hugh Jackman, Will Yun Lee, Tao Okamoto

Language: English

“Watch Wolverine: Way of the Warrior movie” scores with furious action sequences, the well-know to get your pulse up. Unfortunately, the second feature film to be entirely focused on the Wolverine is not a really good portrait drawn of the anti-hero, just because of youth protection regulations that prohibit the director and the writers portray him brutal in its purest form.


The blame is not at all to look at the cast. Hugh Jackman knows by now, as the Wolverine’s play and makes it still excellent and obviously very happy. With Hiroyuki Sanada sits an outspoken pro on board and former New Models and Actors Tao Okatomo and Rila Fukushima do their job extremely well. The lack of character depth, however, to characterize the claw berserk at pretty much any figure, the non-existence of a good antagonist, and the missed opportunity for what it is, leave a strong aftertaste of bitter Missed potential.

A character who would fall polished and free of all youth protection measures, rather in the category of Marv from “Sin City” (Mickey Rourke), presented in a film for young people is understandably impossible. Of a film, but of which one was hoping to finally get the great analysis and interpretation of large Wolverines, disappointed this comic strip.

The bottom line here is once again the motto is: If you put the skull on the standby data center able to offer “Wolverine: Way of the Warrior” excellent action and a very good summer entertainment. Too little for my taste. Too bad.