Watch Labor Day 2013 Movie ?

Genres: Drama

Releasing Date:  21 February 2014 (USA)

Director: Jason Reitman

Writer: Jason Reitman

Stars: Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin and Gattlin Griffith

Language: English

Calm day when we arrived at the festival Ecuador. The star of the day in terms of worship is Kate Winslet, who presented alongside Josh Brolin and director Jason Reitman their latest movie, the drama Labor Day , earning the press with his friendliness and sense of humor (and, why deny because playing at home). The great joy of the festival was, however, the film recovery Jim Jarmusch, who after a few years on the sidelines again, although not in full themselves much better shape, with its punk-depressive Vampires Only Lovers Left Alive . In the Official Section, Catherine Breillat and Isabelle Huppert presented Abuse of Weakness , quite mediocre reviews in general, the Clio Barnard wonder and thrills with The Selfish Giant , his adaptation of the story of Oscar Wilde who is running as a favorite for award for best film.


After several films dedicated to exploring the more comical side of his stories, Jason Reitman has decided to spend the drama of the hand of this adaptation of the novel by Joyce Maynard, which has been working for almost five years. And the results could not have been better. Led by two actors perhaps not in a state of grace, but experts in the roles they play, Reitman tells a story of redemption, of second (and third) chances, view a thousand times, but no less effective. Winslet, a single woman who can interpret from the finest lady of the provincial lower-class women, shines as the mother divorced and depressed, not too far from his character in the reader , who decides to go for broke the everything for someone she barely knows, but that is their only chance to escape the emotional void that is. That someone, Josh Brolin’s character, is a seemingly fearsome escaped convict (something that the overwhelming presence of Brolin helps greatly) but demonstrate, in three days, that our concepts of good or bad people are not always successful. Reitman presents nothing new under the sun, but everything is so beautiful, and is so well told that it is impossible not to like. And if not, focus on the next Oscar

Jim Jarmusch years ago is not what it used to be. From Ghost Dog (1999) , and with the exception of Broken Flowers (2005) , was lost, and the usual comment was that “lost his touch” . Limits of Control (2009) was a major blunder, and there were those who hastened to say that the race director of Ohio was dead and buried. Maybe that’s why Jarmusch has returned to the cinema with a couple of undead, that deep, portray quite well Jarmusch’s film career: strange, melancholy, beautiful … ., not to everyone Only Lovers Left Alive is a film that requires a certain cultural background to understand many of his dialogues and references, but also laughs at those who have it, and largely public objective of the director. That emo, vicious and disgusted with the world Tom Hiddleston who plays vampire can only be understood as a taunt Jarmusch its viewers. You are so not ready, nor the rest of the world so stupid like that darling, grown version and available for murder of Claudia from Interview with the Vampire, who plays Mia Wasikowska, and uplifting the concept of annoying brother into hell of eternity . Jarmusch has returned, now just see if it’s to stay

Also very worthwhile is this portrait of a rebellious boy named Arbor, living in an English industrial town, which interpreted that force of nature by Conner Chapman. When it is expelled from school joins forces with his friend Swifty to collect copper and other metals for the money you pay them the rough Kitten. The plot is quite simple but it reinforces Barnard with a dynamic and luminous style, relying on the interpretive power of the actors, by abrupt and impulsive actions and words or by a choppy and erratic assembly including a pair of all descriptive plans here and there momentarily paralyze raw narrative with unexpected beauty. Such details suggest that there is light at the end of the tunnel and the brutal exemplification of the dirtiest and hostile masculinity that makes the Director may end on a hopeful note. In other words, although the film seems to show an example of child labor irremediable without regard to narrative rules set, the script is aimed towards an academic turn as tight as it helps to solve effectively close the drama and its various fronts until then . Thus the film will satisfy both those looking for a job as conventionally round to witness a lyricism prefer less elaborate and more spontaneous. . Ignacio Navarro