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Genres: Animation, Biography and Drama

Releasing Date:  21 February 2014 (USA)

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Writer: Hayao Miyazaki

Stars:  Zach Callison, Mirai Shida and Hideaki Anno

Language: English

In Japan in the 1920s, the young Jiro dreams of flying.Since he is short-sighted, but he would not even sit on the lever of an airplane, but rather build that. And the best that has ever seen the world. As a model it serves the Italian Caproni aircraft technician, with whom he always holds talks in his dreams. An ambitious desire, because Europeans are the Japanese technically far ahead.

Always his life’s dream in mind, Jiro proves itself as an ambitious student and finally gets a job as a flight engineer. But every beginning is difficult. Crash landings are just as important as the constant comparison with Western aircraft. In addition, Jiro also offer private Ups and Downs. This is also a young woman he Kantō Earthquake helps after the Great, which he then loses sight of.

As is now known, Hayao Miyazaki retired from the film business. The director, who through animes like Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away has a worldwide reputation, has no desire for 90-minute film. But first he presents us The Wind Rises – Kaze tachinu . In his final work, he mixes the history of the real aircraft engineer Jiro Horikoshi with the history Kaze tachinu the author Tatsuo Hori. The outcome is a classic story about the pursuit of success and self-realization. But the fact that Jiro’s life goal is a double-edged sword, is already the beginning of the film: In his recurring dreams in which he meets Caproni aircraft are not only easy transport machinery. Instead, they slide in the form of bombers and fighter planes, scatter the destruction and chaos across the sky. Sounds more like nightmares.
The Wind Rises – Kaze tachinu tells fortunately not only by Japanese aircraft technology. In addition to the incorporated love story, the film also comes up with several historical events that have shaped Japan between the two world wars. These include the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 and the Great Depression. Thus, the film tells a story round, which is a wide audience. Also contribute to the detailed drawings that bring the many sites and landscapes have succeeded in the usual anime style to life.
Conclusion: The Wind Rises – Kaze tachinu to Hayao Miyazaki adopted with a remarkable film of his audience. The film is not only interesting for anime fans. Thanks to the versatile history, viewers are likely to feel addressed different age groups.