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Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller

Releasing Date:  6 December 2013

Director: Ruairi Robinson

Writer:Sydney J. Bounds and Clive Dawson

Stars: Liev Schreiber, Elias Koteas and Romola Garai

Language: English

Still 18 hours to eight Mars researchers begin that journey home to Earth. However, an alien life form makes the aspiring scientists belonging a spanner in the works. As one of my colleagues fall into a sand hole, he became infected with a mysterious bacteria that makes him in no time become a threat to the others. Watch online movies for free without create any sign up account.

In today’s time, the walking dead are everywhere. You have depopulated in the past, future and present whole areas, struggled in the sea with sharks (WOODOO – TERROR ISLAND OF THE ZOMBIES) and eaten by all the cities (28 DAYS LATER). The zombie was civilized (FIDO) and danced (DANCE OF THE DEAD), he learned to speak and fell even ( WARM BODIES ). Since 1910, the thirsty for human flesh creatures are portrayed in the film and previously shown in different interpretations.Whether black, white, yellow or red – the zombie virus makes stop at any particular nationality and is now a horror movie, as the Amen in the church. More surprising that the idea of diversity, the filmmaker also 100 years after one of the first zombie appearances in FRANKENSTEIN (1910) knows no boundaries – even if you often doubt the sanity of the minds behind these strips. Because since the hit TV series THE WALKING DEAD the zombie film has once again received a boost in popularity and the video market is flooded with innumerable underexposed strip of this kind, many horror fans who feel like the zombies lost. The theme of dull fury who haunts after her death only through the area to try to kill the people was repeated in recent years simply nauseum, so that one behind these shockers hardly find exciting genre entertainment. For director Ruairi Robinson is reason enough to dispel these prejudices. The film newcomer simply shifts his undead work from Earth to Mars, which might seem unusual for many viewers something, one wonders just how because such a straw stupid zombie comes to Mars. The answer is more plausible than expected, because the heroes THE LAST DAYS of this ON MARS find out in short, that Mars is home to not only dry desert land, but in addition to sand storms and icy nights also hidden life. The hidden in the planet’s interior in the form of malicious killer bacteria that the body of Mars researchers seize and transforms unsuspecting scientists in highly aggressive contemporaries. The naturally have nothing else in mind than to go the remainder of the body and the viewer’s nerves, really clever or at least considered acting in this film no. The first protagonists are quickly infected and race like a madman through the research station. The highly resistant bacterium is transmitted through open wounds and eats from a host body to the next. So excited not only those still living seem orientation in THE LAST DAYS ON MARS to have lost. DoP ROBBIE RYAN and the authors SYDNEY J. BOUNDS and CLIVE DAWSON so have their quirks with the theme of this horror trip. First was when turning the strip a little too eager in the matter, so that his work utensil falls into the hectic moments, something out of control. The camera is shaking so strong that you as a viewer can barely navigate the event and after the sighting must resort to aspirin because one has become dizzy with such Zappelmotorik.But the writers seem to have lost the story in the rush of the moment something out of sight. While THE LAST DAYS ON MARS initially presented as a sinister sci-fi nightmare, it goes from middle of the film again after a well-known scheme Blazed. Watch best movie reviews online for free without pay any charges from safe and secure connection.

The researchers infected sequentially with the mysterious life form and are anyway not really interested in going to survive. You stumble through the incredibly careless Szenarie and act again as hardly any normal thinking person would act, after all is supposed to everyone present at the end convert as brainless zombie on the neighboring planet. Instead of transforming colleagues erase to light or to make as incapacitated, is running and screaming – and not the bit. Thus, almost half of the meager plot a wild Verfolgungshatz between zombies and scientists who flit from one research station to the next, running to the moon vehicle to then rush back to the first device. , the British THE LAST DAYS ON MARS is once again so a modest attempt to appeal to science fiction and horror movie fans alike and want to satisfy. Although the mix of zombie and space film has a refreshing and quite gruesome scenery, but should find hardly popular with both parties. For a zombie film THE LAST DAYS ON MARS is also advised to bloodshed. Sci-Fi viewers are fobbed off with dreary lunar landscape and futuristic laboratory setting – the alien life forms may be in vain waiting. The film received in America for a limited cinema release, the youth compliant Sharing PG-13 is suppressed and reduced to the frenzied Gegeifer the researchers infected. Is not eaten, killed or even dismembered in this Mars-Grusler. A broken nose, hardly any significant injuries and the physical change of the diseased researchers are the only highlights in this rather one-sided Genre contribution. The attempt to give the ausgelutschten zombie genre with THE LAST DAYS ON MARS new impetus is, unfortunately, failed in ROBINSONS directorial debut. Except for the unusual venue, there is in this horror piece is nothing you have not seen better yet throughout many undead movies. This leaves an unimportant Sci-Fi Horrormix who has given away its full potential for the benefit of the conventional zombie cinema. Pity about the seven million British pounds that you have wasted for 08/15-Ware like THE LAST DAYS OF MARS.