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Genres: Documentary

Releasing Date:  11 December 2013

Director: Atsushi Funahashi

Language: English

Not even a year has passed since Fukushima or ‘3 / 11 ‘, as the chain of events from the earthquake, tsunami and atomic meltdown of 11March is known in Japan now 2011. From the German news Fukushima is now at least as good as gone, what remains is little more than the memory of devastated coastline, and a government spokesman in blue overalls . Three films in the Forum are now trying to deliver on the short-lived television pictures, a picture of the situation, as the first runs Funahashi Atsushi documentary “Nuclear Nation” on. The focus of Funahashis film is Futaba , a town in the province of Fukushima, northeastern Japan, on the Pacific coast – the city in which the reactor Fukushima Dai-ichi is. Futaba was not only almost completely destroyed in March 2011 by an earthquake and tsunami, but also contaminated by radioactive fallout. Today Futaba is restricted , is nobody there. 1400 inhabitants of the town were evacuated and resettled in a school where they have since lived under adverse circumstances, without knowing how long this condition will last and whether they can ever return to their hometown. “Nuclear Nation” observed the daily life of the evacuees, shows the tightness in the classrooms, the camp bed on the floor and the little things and belongings that have draped around their sleeping places around the people. Many are old and sick, many have lost loved ones. We see women clean squid and men watch TV on school corridors, their faces half covered by the obligatory white mouth guard. An electronic display board continuously measures nuclear radiation, and in a bare multi-purpose hall covert a music troupe Beatles songs for entertainment. Elsewhere Funahashi shows how people come together in a classroom in order to learn about the possible applications for unemployment benefits. Scenes like this give a sense of how the disaster here is efficiently managed, as the evacuees are supplied, get food and a roof over their head. At the same time everything seems completely helpless and inadequate in the face of incredible loss that have experienced these people, and given the fact that ‘3 / 11 ‘just was not just a natural disaster but a man-made part of what is called in the consequence that itresponsible there. A survivor shows full of contempt the letter from Tepco , which the firm offers compensation to victims – a mere form letter, the sober calculates the amount of compensation. “Nuclear Nation” conveys the anger and indignation of the people of Futaba and simultaneously shows that this outrage has no real addressee.It names no one and no one questions her, no one is really listening, no one takes responsibility. Now you can watch best online movie reviews for free without pay any charges.

Clearly that is at a meeting of representatives of all cities and municipalities with nuclear power plants. When the Mayor of Futaba has its say to describe the state of his city, because the have ‘s Economics Minister and the Minister for crisis management have long adopted by trite opening statements. It remains the view of empty seats. Katsutaka Idogawa, the mayor of Futaba, still wants to continue to fight to ensure that his community is not simply given up, and the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but also lived in their cities, he says at one point. “Nuclear Nation” but shows that the people from the small provincial town of Futaba have no lobby, it seems as if in Tokyo, no one really uses that in the near future a life of Futaba is possible. Not even the protest demontration of Futaba residents in Tokyo does not change, a small train of older ladies with straw hat and men in neat plaid shirts; quite pale they look next to the anti-nuclear demo hip city dwellers, to drum beat with wilted wag and vegetables dominate the ABC of demonstrative expression significantly better. way feels “Nuclear Nation” the political and social fractures after that have emerged in the wake of Fukushima, but it connects the Analytical with a radically empathic attitude, which aims to vibration and This also achieved. Time and again director Funahashi images and scenes in which very specific little things suddenly the scale of the disaster communicate. For instance there is the family that sits down and writes listings: the government allows any two adults per evacuated family to return for two hours in the cleared zone, to their homes or what remains of it, and now writes every on which a few objects would like to have he or she recovered – a list writing, deeply disturbed. And then there’s the farmer who his cows can graze on in the province of Fukushima and refuses to kill her, he knows that he can not sell their milk or their meat, but he said in a firm voice that his cows survivors are just like him and that he will take care of these survivors continue to cows. Then he leads the filmmaker to the stables of another dairy farmer who has followed the directives of the government. Almost a year after Fukushima are the carcasses his flock still in this fold, so badly decomposed that they are hardly recognizable as an animal body. Elena Meilicke “Nuclear Nation”. Director: Atsushi Funahashi ( blog ). Documentary, Japan 2011, 145 minutes ( Class Schedule ) “No Man’s Zone”. Director: Toshi Fujiwara. Documentary, Japan, France, 2012, 103 minutes ( Class Schedule ) “friends after 3:11.” Directed by Shunji Iwai. Documentary, Japan 2011, 120 minutes ( Class Schedule ). Now you have a chance to download full movies online with fast downloading speed from safe and secure connection.