Watch As I Lay Dying movie ?

As I Lay Dying (2013) on IMDb

Genres: Drama

Releasing Date:  9 October 2013 (France)

Director: James Franco

Writers:  William Faulkner (novel), James Franco (screenplay)

Stars:  James Franco, Danny McBride, Logan Marshall-Green

Language: English

“Watch As I Lay Dying movie” this is the story of the grueling journey of a family breaks up gradually to carry the remains of a mother in the depths of Mississippi. The original material is abundant and dense, so it is often difficult to identify who is speaking . Certainly represent the cacophonous style Faulkner, James Franco uses a method of setting the stage for the outdated and less risky: the split-screen.


For two-thirds of the film, the image is divided in two. Initially, there is a side without dialogue representing the internal state of the characters, then another for verbal and action. And the border is thinner and Franco eventually transforms this narrative tool single unnecessary gimmick. Swinging two different angles at three-second interval, the process ends up annoying unbearable.



However, the director was not far from the narrative and cinematic perfection. The staging is beautifully air , captivating naturalism , almost malickienne.  When depicts the infection that causes the odor funeral procession for days and days of travel , we would almost display a wealth of disgust at our screen. The script keeps the essence of the novel and directing actors is spot on .


Tim Blake Nelson portrays a faithful representation that one can imagine reading the book and strangely adversarial relationship , any voltage , Darl and his sister is beautifully made ​​Anse . No, there was not really need so much division in the plans. And that’s a shame, because without this maddening gap staging , the film would have been perfect .