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Lockout (2012) on IMDb

Genres:  Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Releasing Date:  13 April 2012 (USA)

Director:  James Mather, Stephen St. Leger

Writers:  Stephen St. Leger (screenplay), James Mather

Stars: Guy Pearce, Maggie Grace, Peter Stormare

Language: English
Watch Lockout movie, it is an action, thriller and a Sci-Fi movie. Immediately in the first half hour is you sucked the viewer into another world. With a lot of one-liners, cynical jokes, chases and action scenes Lockout computer-cut for certain. But within the same half hour is sure to note that the outward appearance of a Hollywood budget is not fulfilled in terms of content. That sarcasm what I was talking about? With quotes like “She’s my daughter” (accompanied by a dramatic close-up), “He’s my brother” (again a close-up) and “You’re a big girl. Here’s an apple and a gun “seems almost like watching a love child of a Mexican soap.



When you critically look at the Lockout and objectively seek to determine whether this film is worthy of the history of cinema, the answer is very clear. Of the ten points will have the film in this case a 2. Go to the psychopathic bad guy played by Joseph Gilgun. A point thereof The other point gives the film only because the image of Guy Pearce with a gun faint in the distance makes you smile at how good Memento me.

Yes, one of the two objective positives about the film is a reminder of Christopher Nolan who has nothing to do with this film.
However, if you put your mind to 0 and have nice explosions wants to look at a script that for 95% of the one-liners … Then the movie gets an 8.