Watch RIPD movie ?

Genres:   Action | Comedy | Crime
Releasing Date: 19 July 2013 (USA)

Director:  Robert Schwentke

Writers:  Phil Hay (screenplay), Matt Manfredi

Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges, Mary-Louise Parker

Language: English

Watch RIPD movie, a action, comedy movie. To see the trailer for ” RIPD ” , it was hoped at best a nice rehash of “Men in Black” and at worst a flashy revival of ” Ghostbusters .” It is clear to the vision that the film was more of the first than the second . Because besides the HQ Brigade ” ghost ” (or ” RIPD ” in English, is the ” Rest in Peace Department “) , where you can discover plenty of monsters handcuffed (these are actually the real faces of the dead remained on land ) , it is ultimately the most paradoxical duo old rogue (Jeff Bridges, ways of another time and focus to cut with a knife ) and rookie (Ryan Reynolds ) works exactly the same way as the tandem Tommy Lee Jones / Will Smith “Men in Black” .


So the ins and outs are no surprise , especially as it ends up crossed with hints of “Ghost” , the hero trying to communicate with his widow, without success. Remains a real good idea to reincarnate that our cops in the skin of people that others can see . The envelope and chosen for our heroes ( an old Chinese for Ryan Reynolds and a beautiful busty blonde for Jeff Bridges) created a gap and provided a comic effect in a few scenes where the viewer can see their new turn and look old .


However, ” R.I.P.D. ” is far from the expected entertainment, sealed by a few interesting monsters ( one of which we play Spider -Man climbing , it is unclear why , on building facades … ) and very few secondary characters convincing (Mary -Louise Parker, unbearable ) .