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All Is Lost (2013) on IMDb

Genres: Action | Drama
Releasing Date: 18 October 2013 (USA)
Director:  J.C. Chandor
Writers:  J.C. Chandor
Stars: Robert Redford
Language: English

Watch All is lost movie a perfect story of a man. Perfectly mastered, “All is lost”, dissects all phases of survival status . Its purpose is purely educational, discards any empathy to stick closer to his moral character steel ( It will take several days and fatigue forward to see scream to heaven, a resounding ” Fuck “). No downtime , the film examines all alternatives considered by our hero to address each problem. It uses sophisticated equipment or survival that makes a clever little DIY for fresh water , “our man” captivates with its ingenuity and self-control.

However, experience alone is not enough to bring down a man adrift. It should also be lucky . Quasi-documentary , hyper realistic invoice film is suspense at its worst , because no end is discarded. Here, no promise of happy ending because anything can happen ( storm or boat) or conversely , nothing will happen and the man died of thirst in the scorching sun . Brilliantly played by Robert Redford, ” our man ” requires the stature of an exemplary man who can only admire . A feeling enhanced by staging cleverly refined that keeps the cap without deriving its goal to explore what we all anchored to us: the survival instinct .