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Genres:   Comedy | Drama

Releasing Date: 29 June 2012 (USA)

Director:  Steven Soderbergh

Writers: Reid Carolin

Stars: Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Olivia Munn

Language: English


Steven Soderbergh never ceases to increase productivity and delivers in less than a year his third film . After ” Contagion ” presented at Venice last year , a sort of realistic test -star cast dealing with the uncontrollable spread of a virus, it had divided the writing with ” Haywire ,” an action movie ultra-speed around a female Jason Bourne , meanwhile presented in Berlin. No festival marking for his new album, ” Magic Mike ” Machine for big summer mostly teenagers , we would have loved a little more acid.


For ” Magic Mike” , if it starts under the sign of comedy, with an intrusion into a male strip club , quickly turns a classic movie on the initiation into life , the discovery of responsibility and finally the transition to adulthood.

The gradual immersion Adam (Alex Pettyfer ) in this world is stripped of languid swaying , bottom of the light and easy tickets , and all the difference with a “normal” life , one day face of the night , ready to laugh and of course offers some nice (but easy ) comedic moments . Especially since the whole gang fights impressively , Channing Tatum , provocative and massive, Matthew McConaughey , forced aging star to go backstage.



However , the scenario is gradually moving towards a moralistic story by drawing a romance at least, between attraction and repulsion caused by the handsome devil on the girl well in all respects . The excess of the medium are barely sketched , but the characters are brought face to lifestyle choices that confront all .

There was a time when we must get serious , consider the other with respect, consider a future that is not as light , fun and finery. The message is classic and directed by Soderbergh then drift in the aesthetics of color filter and licked picture how ” CSI: Miami ” may annoy some .

Remains an honest entertainment that will surely fantasize many spectators or viewers that temperatures this August have made ​​them particularly receptive to this kind of hot but superficial show.