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Watch prisoners movie ?

Prisoners (2013) on IMDb

Genres: Crime | Drama | Thriller

Releasing Date:    20 September 2013 (USA)

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Writers:   Aaron Guzikowski

Stars:    Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis

Language: English

Watch prisoners movie to see Jake Gyllenhaal in a new role. Detective Loki thinks his eyes. A detail is discovered him quite a correct conclusion, a nagging doubt look at the statements of witnesses. The investigators tracker on the paths of cause and effect: Every crime leaves tracks that need to be deciphered, every secret is only as long as mysterious as it remains. But this time everything is more complicated. The traces are lost in the jungle, in the dark, in freshly blown snow.


Jake Gyllenhaal plays it Loki, a man with mostly hard-eyed, around which a potters early in life fatigued body. The ideal of the American film drama remains indeed the visualization inward operations without piercing the thin varnish also a socially credible character. Gyllenhaal is considered as successful a great performance, perhaps the best of his career. Without ever represent something other than a washed-up, tattooed to the neck provincial investigators, he shall at the same tieferere the logic of the entire film in minimal movements.


The great engineer Walter Murch has been thinking in his book In the Blink of an Eye on the affinities of Editor and human blink. Each eye closure is a mental reboot. But, in the installation Prisoners throws us again into the wrong, unclear connections: just been close, then far away; speech flows are interrupted; conditions are unclear. Two girls have disappeared on Thanksgiving, a prime suspect is found quickly. The mentally retarded Alex Jones with his old camper (Paul Dano), it must have been because of the rough-and father basement Dover (Hugh Jackman) is secure. But for Jones is herauszuholen no confession and it is soon clear that his apparent stupidity has its origin not in the genes, but in a trauma.


“You promised to take care of us”, he stops in front of the mother (Maria Bello) voice choked with tears. The American head of the family, the guardian has failed. So he must act Dover kidnapped the alleged perpetrator to the squeeze with torture and violence from him, to see what he is certain from the outset. But at this moment the certainties dissolve just because the morality is in trouble:

The director Denis Vieleneuve illustrated this slide into uncertainty with subtle imagery. Without ever having the functions of the genre machineries “psychological thriller” and “melodrama” to touch, he is fine directorial accents. The pain of the victims’ families, he admits a lot of space , and growing by the day of the abduction fear of loss , the torment spreading of insecurity vibrates in rainy gray autumn and views lost in a forest solitude Pennsylvania. The idyllic nature is the horror crowd.