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Director: Sharon Wilharm

Running Time: 1h 19min

Writers: Sharon Wilharm

Stars: Juli Tapken, Rich Swingle, Jenn Gotzon

IMDB Rating: Not Yet Released

Releasing Date: 12 February 2016 (USA)

Genres: Drama, Romance

Plot: Destiny. It’s an attractive idea. Stuffed with such a lot of fantastical potentialities, encompassing the ideas of the longer term and the way it unfolds when it comes, especially, to relationships. Finding “the one”. Meeting somebody and simply knowing it was meant to be. Yet, life is nearly forever not a straightforward path. And generally, a Divine hand has another set up for us, whereas an ideal one is being ready. For adults Rachel and Mitchell, this style couldn’t be a lot of truth. For as every experience the wonders and trials of the chosen road they’re led down from childhood, selections created and probability encounters on the method begin to meld into a tapestry and love as solely God Himself may inspire.

A child Rachel’s tender, giving, and a joyful heart strives to survive a painful upbringing amidst a rather apathetic, non-understanding, and impatient mother, however, a fond grandma she treasures, who leads her to God.

Likewise, a baby Mitchell’s experience feeling unimportant and alone draw him to religion, whereas raised by one, weary, however, warm mother.

As loss and fighting for identity occur, teens, Rachel and Mitchell follow totally different roads, hers to quality, his to a domain, although still an outcast, noticing and interacting with one another on the method in multiple circumstances, as deeper infatuation takes hold. Bonding nevertheless regularly command apart, life lessons and events still move them forward into adulthood’s grasp. Check More Romantic Movies Reviews.


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Language: English
Filming Locations: Springfield, Tennessee, USA
Production Co: Mainstreet Productions