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Riddick (2013) on IMDb

Genres:  Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Releasing Date: 6 September 2013
Director: David Twohy
Writers: David Twohy (written), Stephen Cornwell, Oliver Butcher (screenplay)
Stars: Vin Diesel (lead role), Karl Urban, Katee Sackhoff
Language: English

Riddick is the upcoming movie released on 6 September 2013. This is an American science fiction, action, Si-Fi and Thriller movie. Film contains very good story. Story begins with Riddick .  In last part we saw the Riddick saves the universe, now the third installment of the saga of the most wanted criminal of galaxies.Watch Riddick movie will be a good choice because its a unique story and action than the other movies recently

The film is written and directed by David Twohy. The start of it is an odyssey of survival with monsters that also puts us in the arid plains of the planet where Riddick is betrayed and abandoned. And soon we proposed a new twist in the story generic presentation installing them, from the first moment and clearly, in western landscapes and characters. All for the peace in world. Incidentally: Molla is great as usual. It gives you a sense of his character guy, that we can even sympathize at times reminded me of a classic work of spaghetti western shot in Almeria, the Cuban Tomas Milian, essential film genre as The Gundown or run, Knife, runs, where he created one of the most interesting of these film.

And your contribution is important, because in my opinion one of the successes of the film is to give in this chapter end?? (I hope not, I’m in for deliveries of adventures of Riddick) full weight to the key argument and western characters that were present in the two previous installments as children. And the entry in the account of the bounty hunters can incorporate a twist to the story of leadership that manages to avoid a possible deadlock and the plot evolves into horror territory , reinforcing the character of Riddick become looming threat and the bounty hunters as victims , a nod to the situation starting in Pitch Black .



So guaranteed entertainment and a good closure to the cycle of the adventures of Riddick , one of the most interesting characters that looked into the science fiction films of recent years in a saga that has had the good sense genres skillfully and work in the no man’s land that separates the series B series A.

 My opinion said: I hope there’s more Riddick movies , although in its denouement it is something I have been under quite achieved their first and second act and lose some of the repetition of Pitch Black in reference to his final walk to the horror series B. The four stars are thus for the first part of survival and development for leadership change. I really love the tagline “Survivial Is His Revenge“.