Watch San Andreas 2015 Movie ?

Director: Brad Peyton

Writer: Carlton Cuse and Andre Fabrizio with Jeremy Passmore

Running Time: 01 Hour 54 Minutes

StarsDwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario

Imdb Rating: 6.5/10

Releasing Date: 29 May 2015 (USA)

Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller

Plot: Warner Bros. brings Earthquake: The San Andreas Fault as a new film production based on disaster. Ray is an experienced rescuer and helicopter pilot in Los Angeles. In the first scene of the movie you can clearly see that Ray is the person to confide in an emergency . Ray and Emma , his ex-wife have a daughter, Blake that is about to start college and must travel aa San Francisco. In parallel, the seismologist Lawrence Hayes and his team of specialists trying to find ways to predict earthquakes , specifically those produced in the San Andreas Fault ( boundary between two tectonic plates that runs through the state of California) .


When it seems that Hayes and his team manage to predict an earthquake, one of the worst catastrophes in the history of the San Andreas Fault , with its epicenter at San Francisco it is triggered. while, Ray will go in search of her daughter, who is ready to cope with earthquake.



Fortunately, there is a solemn tone, as often happens in films of this genre, except at the end, but we forgive him because The San Andreas Fault is primarily a catastrophe in key affair. We care about characters survive beyond what happens with the rest of the inhabitants of San Francisco. The various earthquakes and aftershocks are spectacular, a cascade of destruction that never seem to end.

Earthquake: The San Andreas Fault is good cinema catastrophe without too much sentimentality or solemnity , and for clinging to the chair of film and clenched teeth. Nearly two hours of adventure narrated with a pace that never decays and use 3D enveloping us in a cascade of destruction.