Watch The Way movie ?

Genres:   Action | Comedy | Crime
Releasing Date: 19 July 2013 (USA)

Director:  Robert Schwentke

Writers:  Phil Hay (screenplay), Matt Manfredi

Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges, Mary-Louise Parker

Language: English

Watch The Way movie and enjoy a action plus comedy movie. Released in Spain there are almost three years, American film with a stunning all travel along the Camino de Santiago , from the French border to the coast of Galicia, a little west of Saint- Jacques de Compostela, had been more than six months showing. Finally finding the way facilities in France , it certainly does not suffer the same happy path , but should take the heart of spectators who will not back down against the story of grief and running. Dedicated to grandfather Estevez , I must say that ” The Way” ( “the way” in French ) seems to be a family affair , since the director  is none other than the son of the principal actor Martin Sheen , and regularly appears on it as memories of their last exchange , or as a sudden vision , among the people he meets.


Initiatory journey to rediscover itself, thinking about the purpose of life and communication with others, ” The Way” we offer more than quadruple portrait , calling at a different pace and a renewed curiosity in a world where digital connection does not mean contact. Facing his hero contained some endearing characters come make the trip less difficult and lonely : a drunk Dutch, a Canadian angry, Irish theater . Everyone has their reasons for being here , lose weight, quit smoking, write a book, but are they the real reason for this long journey ?


Gently , without dramatic effect , the camera Emilio Estevez with his father in suffering, every step of shedding some of its burden. Without actually talking about religion , ” The Way” questions the strength of the human being , his ability to get up, to set goals and persevere despite the obstacles , despite errors. An odyssey in the form of forgiveness and reconciliation with humanity shattering almost every moment .