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Genres:  Animation | Adventure | Comedy

Releasing Date: 9 September 2013

Director: Klay Hall

Writers: Jeffrey M. Howard (screenplay), John Lasseter(story)

Stars: Carlos Alazraqui, Stacy Keach, Dane Cook

Language: English


A plane is the adventure film for the whole family, especially children. Much attention has been paid from the film Disney was related to the Cars universe, to which it belongs, but is unrelated to Pixar, the creators of the two speaker’s car movies. Here John Lasseter serves as executive producer as well as in all Disney films, but otherwise use the same software Pixar’s little in common. Watch Planes movie to entertain your children with knowledge.  This is another style, another type of family films closer to the home of Mickey Mouse. Simpler, more adventurous and perhaps less powerful, but very entertaining especially for the younger members of the house, which in the end is what it is. Watch planes movie and enjoy with your children.


This adventure takes you to follow the steps of a crop duster who dreams of winning. It includes a race around the world, a task for which peculiar feature several friends, including some parallel truck, a forklift arranges everything and an old airplane combat will train you on the job. Not to mention the new friends you make along the way or even if you find love in a female airplane coming from distant India. All this will take us on a journey across the world, from the Atlantic to the old Europe, to Asia and back to the United States. And, really, is that the journey is the center of all the excitement and adventure. And that occupies most of the film.


Anda somewhat short in mood ( although it has a few jokes sensational , like the British do not cry and that of the Skypad , but little else ) , and too long on topics , perhaps inherited from her older sister Cars, which takes whole structure of the old master and student learning to be the best in a race. The truck is also dumb. But on the subject of the topics, the Mexican person nowhere to take it and may be offensive to the public. They are the few lakes that have a film that only lasts ninety minutes, while that will entertain the chavalería without complications.


Special mention for 3D, because the truth, the flights of aircraft, air races and competitions from the start between the end cornfields between the canyons and desert are spectacular, especially in 3D. They put in flight and make you feel the adventure. Very simple and very effective. Not the best animated film of the year, nor intended. Just pretend to have a good time, maybe less parents, focusing exclusively on the smaller, and more focused on the adventure in history, making it similar to Cars, of course, but also others such as The Legend the Guardians. This is a Good family movie.