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Genres:   Comedy | Drama

Releasing Date: 27 September 2013

Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, Tony Danza

Language: English


Watch Don Jon movie to see the new face of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The story starts with Don Jon. After its presentation at Sundance and won during his presentation in the Panorama Special “Don Jon ” section of the Berlin Film Festival in 2013 , he has finally managed to find the way of French theaters , to afford an amazing output … for Christmas.  It must be said that the subject of the first film as a director of American actor Joseph Gordon- Levitt (” Inception,” ” 500 Days,” ” Looper”), sex addiction, has not really relationship with the party in question, but could use a nice little success among teenagers during the school holidays.


The pitch is in any case what intrigue. An inveterate flirt, t- shirt and tight ultra -brite smile, spends his time in the evenings, looking for a “ten” with which engage in some antics. Always managing to bring the prey is chosen, it is the admiration of his friends, toasting their sometimes politeness.

That fits perfectly into the era of “ all at once ” and the constant search for new and better , the main character (played by Gordon- Levitt himself) will have much to do when he meets Barbara ( Scarlett Johansson, more glamorous than ever ) , manipulative young woman. This is all that this character, finely written, plays on all the tables, to better cool thereafter with the “principles” of chastity, which contrast beautifully. But guilty pleasures are hard tooth.



In light years of “Shame” by Steve McQueen, who had already been much ink. The film also deals with the impossibility of having a stable relationship and unable to turn away from the object of fantasy. The script offers some classic moments and endows this comedy a highly sexual humor.


As for the staging, it uses repetitions wisely, building immediately the rite that connects Don Jon to his favorite videos from the power of the computer to throw the used tissues in the trash, which adds a hypocrite and inevitably hilarious confession. And it is this final rate that reflects very well the feeling of zapping whose character is both the victim and protagonist. Enjoyable if one can say.