Watch As Above, So Below 2014 Movie ?

Director: John Erick Dowdle

Stars: François Civil, Ali Marhyar, Perdita Weeks, Hamid Djavadan, Roger Van Hool

Releasing Date: 29 August 2014 (USA)

Imdb Rating: 6.1/10

Running Time: 01 Hour 23 Minutes

Writer: John Erick Dowdle

Genres: Horror and Thriller

Plot: Scarlett Marlowe, a young archaeologist risks his life to exploring a cave in Iran. She is dedicated to finding the philosopher’s stone that Flamel, in addition to turn base metals into gold. She wants to pursue the dream of his father who killed himself and prove his detractors that he was not mentally ill. Perdita Weeks is the actress who is playing this role. Her character has several PhDs and even a black belt in karate. She is a genius and seems to solve the puzzles with astonishing rapidity.

She will discover that this stone is hidden beneath the streets of Paris, in the Catacombs. In her quest, she will be assisted by her former boyfrien. George also an archaeologist who has knowledge of the ancient language, Aramaic and Benji a claustrophobic documentary. The trio will recruit a team of urban explorers named the cataphiles. This team consists of Papillon, its Souxie girlfriend and Fez, an agile climber who does not talk much. During their adventure, some of them will face their inner demons.

AS ABOVE, SO BELOW is a horror film found-footage in psychological flavor. In my view, this feature film is a psychological thriller than a horror film, because the times horror is limited or predictable. There are of course some tense scenes, but they are predictable. From the very first scene, you notice that the camera shake and it did not improve when the group enters the Catacombs. They wear cameras on their forehead constantly moving when something exciting would happen. The film takes its time before becoming interesting and is marked by a disappointing ending.