Watch Nightcrawler 2014 Movie ?

Director: Dan Gilroy

Imdb Rating: 8.3/10

Releasing Date: 31 October 2014 (USA)

Genres: Drama, Thriller and Crime

Running Time: 01 Hour 57 Minutes

Writer: Dan Gilroy

Stars: Michael Papajohn, Bill Paxton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sharon Tay

Plot: Lou Bloom is a slightly asocial and unfriendly man laying his human relationships repeating mantras by heart all made of well-being, and climbing the social ladder. Desperate to make a name, Lou Bloom tries to become a freelance cameraman and rushed to the scene that could create the buzz of the morning. Lou gets confused with a veteran cameraman and combines the rough but desperate Director of morning news Nina to deliver new macabre but exclusive, which flatters his ego.


Nina gives advice to Bloom: Imagine our newsletter as a woman screaming and running down the street with his throat cut. Needless to hire an intern to agree a puppet and importance lie pedestrians being questioned. Lou Bloom lives a very isolated existence, delivering smiles and laughter on request, as if it was normal behavior. Then it forms a team with Nina, his ambition and his sociopaths nature if you will, flourish as he defuses problematic situations using buzzwords of the type “a friend is a gift that one gives oneself.

In addition to the fantastic performance from Gyllenhaal, the chase in the heart of the film is a sequence that deserves a public viewing rooms. Car crashes, murders and infernal proceedings are part of the daily Bloom, who will stop at nothing to buzz. Too often, when listening to a movie in theaters, in the dark, we are passive; it is rare to feel the tension in the room multiply electrically. Here, at the end of this sequence is defined as a collective sigh of relief, and of course it was the perfect time for early screenplay yet devastating turn.