Watch More black than the night 2014 Movie ?

Director: Henry Bedwell

Writer: Carlos Enrique Taboada

Releasing Date: 14 August 2014 (Mexico)

Imdb Rating: 4.2/10

Genres: Horror

Running Time: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

Stars: Ona Casamiquela, José María Torre, Zuria Vega, Karla Cruz

Plot: One of the main successes of the remake of More black than the night settled in his director Henry Bedwell struggled to pay tribute to the masterful work of Carlos Enrique Taboada, aware that it would be virtually impossible to overcome. While this allowed us to enjoy a fun horror story, the national review harshly attacked the project arguing that added nothing to the genre. Do you you think?

After the lukewarm results of the remakes of The Wind is afraid and Stone’s book , many wondered if the new version of More black than the night would be able to reverse this negative trend. At the end of the tape Henry Bedwell was well received at the box office by grossing more than $ 32 MDP in its weekend premiere, debuting in third place in a competitive summer market.

course, we see that more black … it was the first Mexican film benefited from the new format premiere Thursday and passing that their earnings were higher by its projection in 3D.

Mexican cinema has had a good run in recent months, thanks to films like No accept returns , We the Nobles and Marry who can . Despite this more black than the night had to face the grandeur of classic Carlos Enrique Taboada, the memory of the infamous remakes of The Wind is afraid and Stone’s book and grueling summer market. At the end of the Mexican film achieved not only continue this winning streak, it became the nation’s first film shot in 3D.

now just cross our fingers that this remake start another positive trend that allows rescuing the Mexican terror. We’ll find out soon with the sequel to Km. 31