Watch the Body movie ?

The Body (2012) on IMDb

Genres:   Thriller

Releasing Date:  21 December 2012 (Spain)

Director: Oriol Paulo

Writers:   Oriol Paulo

Stars:  José Coronado, Hugo Silva, Belén Rueda

Watch the Body movie this is a highly complex thriller that draws its power from the Handlungsort, the morgue, and the actual action. At the Fantasy Film Festival was “The Body ” praised the fact that you can not predict the end. The leaders even invited to a beer, but if anyone does. But this was a winning bet , because you could still so many mysteries have seen or read in his life and not expect to expect that. Here, the offender’s already clear. The perfect crime – even better than Anthony Hopkins has done in the eponymous film. But then Maykas dead body disappears in the mortuary house.


And that brings us to the first strength of “The Body “, his Handlungsort . Although various trips and flashbacks play in other environments, the morgue occupies the main part. Of course, the best place for an eerily beautiful hidden object game by a corpse. In addition, a storm with heavy rain and thunderstorms, which perpetrators, as investigators, Jaime Peña takes (Jose Coronado), to the site of action almost captures.

It quickly becomes clear that an elaborate game of cat – and-mouse game will take place between these two people, because Jaime quickly becomes clear that something is rotten at the original cause of death. But although Álex the disappearance of the body really should get on all right, he begins to lose our nerve, appear as objects that can be brought into connection with the murder.



This translates well to the audience: In the dark, narrow corridors and rooms of the morgue, in which, of course, in part, the light fails, a voltage builds up, which is nerve-wracking. While building director Paulo a few shocking moments , but avoids drifting into harmless end ghost thriller elements . Rather, the director focuses on piece by piece , detail by detail to the audience as the actual murderer to present evidence that prompt both parties to ponder . And so it is done quickly , that the viewer loses his seat into various theories , which are not only rejected once again , changed and then it picked up again . So each viewer warmly recommend to let the film work , for he presents every single Sherlock Holmes at the end of an absolutely incredible , impressive statement .

The Body is movie without slipping into a ghost story, director Oriol Paulo presents an entertaining and enthralling package, which can be classified into justified mind game genre. This film captures until the end and was one of the strongest contributions of this year’s Fantasy Filmfest.