Watch House of Last Things movie ?

House of Last Things (2013) on IMDb

Genres:   Fantasy | Thriller

Releasing Date:     31 January 2013 (France)

Director: Michael Bartlett

Writers:   Michael Bartlett

Stars:  Lindsey Haun, Blake Berris, RJ Mitte

Language: English

Watch House of Last Things movie by Michael Bartlett stretches is exactly what you would expect in reading the Summary: a classic ( or rather trivial ) haunted -house movie.

On the one hand this is due to the narrative structure and, consequently, to the assembly. The experiences of the House -sitter are both intertwined with the events in Italy as well as past , future , and ( possibly ) hallucinated events ; through match cuts go about movements into each other. What is this simply due to drug use or intoxication or the wine sprung a fever fantasy or the madness remains mostly unclear. Various motifs run through the whole plot.



The second reason for the fascination of the film is the whimsical fusion of styles and dramatic compositions that do not really fit together: The look of “House of Last Things ” – the often colorful cheerful images that clichéd costumes, etc. would be expected . How about a golf ball occurs in the body of an apple to light – and suddenly the garden stands a tree that bears fruit balloons instead.


A third fascinating – in which one cannot say exactly whether it speaks for or against the “House of Last Things” – is the fact that you constantly ask yourself during the film reception if everything really seriously is meant. Some passages are certainly strange – eg the “curious – broker – is – of – balloons – attack ” sequence that runs completely on top into space. The tricks and the drama have a “So bad its good ” quality.