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Genres:  Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Releasing Date: 23 March 2012 (USA)

Director:  Gary Ross

Writers: Gary Ross

Stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth

Language: English

This is the story of adaptation on the big screen , a literary saga for teens created by Suzanne Collins, sold 30 million copies worldwide – will entice any studio ambitious minimum . It is also the history of the franchise that should , logically , dethrone “Twilight” myth that the end is fast approaching , much to the chagrin of his faithful illuminated .
With ” Hunger Games” , Collins found the magic recipe: teens, romance of playground , mythology , a background of cruelty – voila , the pie can be served . And it has exactly the taste to satisfy the millions of young people who have beautiful game to replace their tattoos Edward and Bella in the faces of Katniss and Peeta , just a little less kitsch.



The screenings of ” Hunger Games ” and Stephanie Meyer author filled in the Mormon vampire saga , said around his fascination with the work of Collins . While Jennifer Lawrence is not Arnold Schwarzenegger or a Japanese director Gary Ross boosted . Nevertheless, we expect that ” Hunger Games” it is a post-modern mix between the ” Running Man ” by Paul Michael Glaser and ” Battle Royale ” by Kinji Fukasaku , especially as the flaws reported by these two classics – and their avatars – have continued to worsen over time.



” Hunger Games ” is not a pamphlet, which is unfortunate . Vaguely trying to expose the joint powers of television and the media image , the film actually takes the same defects that allow it to exist and spread – the media buzz – and crammed with young people sanitized violence and romance dripping yet it seeks to attract. Even the brief hint of rebellion, awakened by the death of a young candidate , is nipp

ed in the bud by the story , and then strangely erased later in the movie , as if the movie Gary Ross finally gave up show too explicitly finger these monsters who bore . We will therefore enjoy this story without large-scale , led by the performance of the actress. And stop to ask too theatrical for teens .