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Genres:   Comedy | Drama

Releasing Date: 7 August 2013 (USA)

Director: Eugenio Derbez

Writers:  Guillermo Ríos, Leticia López Margalli

Stars:  Eugenio Derbez, Jessica Lindsey, Karla Souza

Language: English

Watch Instructions Not Included movie a Mexican debut as director Eugenio Derbez , raised $ 10 million in its first four days of release in the United States, a brand that represents the best opening in the history of the distribution of a film Pantelion and Hispanic , the company reported Tuesday .


In ” Instructions Not Included ” movie that combines Spanish and English , Derbez plays Valentin, a bachelor , selfish womanizer who changes his life when he has to take care of Maggie ( Loreto Peralta ) , a daughter who not known , the product of so many casual adventures . It is the directorial debut of Eugenio Derbez, Mexican comedian certainly more accepted on Mexican television in recent years. He is accompanied by MONICA LOZANO, Mexican producer who has made some of the most outstanding and greater public acceptance in the circuit of the large market in Mexico. A powerful and endearing story, an intelligent script and surprising, attractive modern visual conception, and a cast that discovers talent rarely seen. Elements that together promise unprecedented entertainment experience in the Spanish-speaking cinema.

INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED is the story of a man who is afraid of everything, especially the commitment. Little did they prove paternity, and that the worship. A paternity did not ask, that led him to change party nights at night to care for a fever. A paternity did change many nights of wild sex, so many tender kisses goodnight.



A love story big as life itself. A deep story between a man and a girl who fought everything for love, and won, except the destination. The audience polling firm Cinema Score assigned a low projecting the film, after pressing the opinions of the viewers who saw it. Paul Presburger, CEO of Pantelion, pointed to the popularity of Derbez, who also starred in and co-wrote the film, as the main reason for the success of the film. “It is the biggest star out there,” Presburger said in a statement. “It is loved in Mexico, but also here (in the U.S.) with the Latino audience. People say it’s like Jim Carrey because he is a very physical actor,” he added.


The Latino audience accounts for 25 percent of viewers who flock to the theaters in the country, according to Nielsen, but in recent years have been few films aimed at them and fewer still have been a success.


Pantelion, created in 2010, has released about a dozen of titles aimed at Latino audiences since then but few interested the audience. Among the most prominent are “From Prada to Nada “,” not you, it’s me “or “Girl in Progress”.