Watch We’re the Millers movie?

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Genres:   Comedy | Crime

Releasing Date: 7 August 2013 (USA)

Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber

Writers: Bob Fisher (screenplay), Steve Faber (screenplay)

Stars:  Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, Jennifer Aniston

Language: English


You know what happens when you put together a drug dealer, panic, and a homeless stripper? Arise Miller. This quirky (in) rodinka while at first glance dozen, but can very pleasantly surprised. Watch We’re the Millers movie if you find the story interesting.


Hand on heart, no big drama in originality and innovation takes place. Miller offers mostly recycled material in the style of family holidays and other misfortunes with Robin Williams or similar films. We all know how big adventure turns out. It makes something that was really different and resembled us something previously seen, is really hard. It is important to us is the “novelty” served.

In order to have at least a little chance of success and avoid a Mexican prison, he decides to organize a magnificent theater not only for border police. And just at this moment the scene get Miller. Darling Clark (who has hair like a donkey) becomes a stripper O’Reilly Rose (Jennifer Aniston) with a personage. Of course, there are also two sweet babies.



The entire film, including the central foursome, villains and supporting characters are very stylized. Which on the one hand could slide lose attractiveness, but in this case this does not happen. The characters are played really sunny, so a little cheesy skits and gags expelled to extremes has wittily and effectively. What else could it be embarrassing, that simply works and we need to laugh and truly crazy. And that there are a few finds.


Miller is on a road trip comedy that for nothing passes rapidly from beginning to end and can generously entertained. This film undoubtedly belongs to those that force you to laugh. Do not miss the poor in the theater scene, including a tricked -known.