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Linsanity (2013) on IMDb

Genres:  Documentary
Releasing Date: 4 October 2013 (USA)
Director: Evan Leong
Writers: Aaron Strongoni (narration writer)
Stars: Jeremy Lin, Daniel Dae Kim, Ming Yao
Language: English

Watch linsanity movie a Lin’s story, how he has become an idol for many in the NBA, will be reflected in a movie.

The documentary ‘Linsanity’ tells the story of Jeremy Lin from Taiwan to New York and received good reviews at the Sundance Film Festival.

The film features exclusive footage with friends, family, teammates, videos and personal thoughts as he struggled in the NBA D-League, all the events that led to now be a familiar.

The directors wanted to film the movie repeatedly, but he felt there was much to tell your story. After much prodding, he kindly agreed to the cameras.



A Hollywood Reporter said that “A sports documentary with plenty of persuasion that chronicles the emergence of a global phenomenon,”.

I leave the trailer of one of the documentaries on the sport that many you like. Basketball. This time it focuses on the life of the Chinese player who plays in the NBA with the Houston Rockets, Jeremy Lin.

The film was presented on January 20 at the Sundance Film Festival was very well received by critics with very positive feedback from the Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, among other means.


The narrator of the documentary is Daniel Dae Kim, known for playing Jin-Soo Kwon on the television series Lost.