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The Summit (2012) on IMDb

Genres:   Documentary
Releasing Date: 1 November 2013 (Sweden)
Director: Nick Ryan
Writers: Mark Monroe
Stars: Christine Barnes, Hoselito Bite, Marco Confortola
Language: English

Watch the summit movie a documentary about the tragedy on K2 in 2008, when a landslide trapped in the vicinity of the summit of K2 on 24 climbers from different nationalities and expeditions. Eleven of them did not return.

Everyone left the next day for the summit in an attempt to reach the summit of the second highest mountain on earth. Different teams reached the summit at different times and when they came down they ran into a big problem: while they were above the Bottleneck, there had been an avalanche that had swept their tracks and all fixed lines for which had come down. In addition, the ground was unstable ice blocks.



If you wanted to lose, they should do it on their own, for dangerous terrain in the mountains most difficult of more than eight thousand eight thousand meters. Eleven of these climbers did not return because they died or were given up for lost in the mountains. The tragic stories of K2, there were men who stuck to the unwritten code of the mountain and behaved as companions.


The Summit is a film made by director / producer Nick Ryan recreates the events of those days , revolving around the actions of Gerard McDonnell, the mountaineer who made ​​the difference for some in that mess. More than eight thousand meters depends on personal survival and every second counts, but McDonnell returned to help others.


The fact shook the world of mountaineering at the time and was followed almost minute by minute worldwide. As with all accidents, no one has the whole truth and this movie is sure to be a reflection of one of these partial truths. Anyway, it will be very interesting to see it when it appears solvent or in theaters.


Using material obtained in the different expeditions, interviews with survivors and acted very realistic reconstructions, the film tries to weave the plot in which the characters are developed on the second highest mountain in the world under really extreme conditions but at the center is Gerard McDonnell history.