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Watch Miele movie ?

Miele (2013) on IMDb

Genres:  Drama
Releasing Date: 1 May 2013 (Italy)
Director: Valeria Golino
Writers: Mauro Covacich (novel), Valeria Golino
Stars: Jasmine Trinca, Carlo Cecchi, Libero De Rienzo
Language: English

Watch Miele movie, a drama film released on 1 may 2013. In this first film, Valeria Golino has chosen to adapt the novel by an Italian journalist, who writes under the pseudonym Angela del Fabbro , Vi perdono , whose theme is euthanasia. A taboo subject that divides the European countries, including Italy, where the weight of the Vatican weighs about medical about the end of life.


Miele (honey in French ) is the name of Irene, a young woman who helps terminally ill from dignity code. Mainly elderly patients. Despite a pseudonym that evokes the sweetness with which customers may leave, Irene is a young woman with a thick shell. Unattached and distant all, his character is quickly think of that Lizbeth Sanders saga of “Millennium”: short hair, piercing, skinny figure, and not focusing on any man. She has distanced way of living his life as a ghost or a black angel, wishing to forget its existence to anyone who crosses his path, to better deal with the loss of loved ones.


The film opens the debate on euthanasia, its setting and its limits. Is that a solution should be permitted only for elderly people? People with a degree of disability as the young Vincent Humbert , whose mother still struggles to advance the debate in France ? Lethal products and barbiturates should they be prescription, and therefore accessible to all? What framework created for this decision to end life ? … In short, a reflection raised by the film through its main character, leaving no one indifferent.