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Heder 514 (2012) on IMDb

Genres:  Drama
Releasing Date: 25 October 2012 (Israel)
Director: haron Bar-Ziv
Writers: haron Bar-Ziv
Stars: Sharon Bar-Ziv, Oren Farage, Ohad Hall
Language: English

For his first feature, Sharon Bar- Ziv decided to focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as many of its counterparts. But he has chosen to reject the great outdoors and the scenes of violence, to focus in an interrogation room, the famous “Room 514”. Watch Room 514 movie with super drama. In an anxiety- mood, the camera follows the journey of Anna, a young idealist who finds him investigating an officer in the Israeli army accused of abuses. And nothing will stop this little lady to carry their quest for justice in the middle of this testosterone universe, not even the warnings of the other soldiers.


Claustrophobic drama to the palpable tension, quasi -camera takes us to the heart of the magazine posed the occupied territories. The director then captures beings closer to the body, featuring a parade between the investigator and determined soldiers face his wrath. By beautiful clips, and high precision in the frame, with a judicious use of the outfield, the interrogation room becomes the mirror of Israeli society, where moral values ​​are in constant struggle with reality on the ground. By sharp and bloody replicas dialogues, the contradictions of this endless conflict are pointed accurately and without Manichaeism.



Subtle portrait of a woman in male territory, this film offers the actress Asia Naifeld the opportunity to demonstrate his talent. Carrying the film on her shoulder, she flaunted an incredible range of emotion; his dark eyes are also speaking his various tirades. However, if the scenario offers great verbal and rhetorical battles, sexual tension that develops over minutes is itself under control? Awkwardly, the director uses sex to emphasize the ambiguity of the characters, while the film is never better than when it leaves the viewer uncertain in the awkward silences and unspoken.


We cannot and regretted that the director did not go down the camera, external elements making all wobbly, and down by the dramatic tension. However, neo- director succeeds perfectly his first attempt, taking a life-saving management to deal with a conflict which cinema has largely seized. By refusing the spectacular explosion of free hemoglobin, it shall, in addition, the clever and intimate portrait of a young soldier whose idealism is put to the test words and bullets. Well done!