Watch Wrong movie ?

Wrong (2012) on IMDb

Genres:   Crime | Drama

Releasing Date:   1 February 2013 (USA)

Director: Quentin Dupieux

Writers:   Quentin Dupieux

Stars:  Jack Plotnick, Todd Giebenhain, Eric Judor

Language: English

Watch Wrong movie, this is a best crime and drama movie. When you see this film, you might think that David Lynch and Michel Gondry have joined forces to implement a Charlie Kaufman script, which in turn is based on a Samuel Beckett play. However, for written and directed by “Wrong” is responsible only one man.

That was about a murderous car tire via telekinesis. Well – why not! The sequel “Wrong” is both accessible because it an has to offer identification figure with on the other hand it is more likely some viewers due to the absence of fun splatter passages appear less attractive.



The No – Reason – monologue a character at the beginning of “Rubber” speaks directly into the camera, as well as suits “Wrong “: The absurdity is the defining stylistic device. The film follows “dream logic”: A palm tree in Dolph’s garden turns into a fir tree, in an office, it is continually “indoor rain – and a figure suddenly declared dead, however, appeared later again. The bizarre Dognapping Strip is full of slapstick and Gaga, but has a couple of lengths, some gags work very deliberately – and everything in everything is the work of Dupieux certainly no consensus movie. In the movie showing the joyous laughter (the per fraction) and the exasperated groan (Contra Group) held in balance.


As for the Mimic , is described in ” Wrong” – please forgive this silly pun – made ​​up some right : Jack Plotnick succeed as Dolph a lovable eccentric – and the “Prison Break ” actor William Fichtner is the strange faraway Master Chang very much sense of the ridiculous exaggeration. Also wonderful: Regan Burns as a neighbor , who denies his jogging activity , as it was an all circumstances to be transmitting abjection , and Mark Burnham as the not so friendly Cop. has not been entirely successful performance of Alexis Dziena as Emma , which is not so much the game Dzienas talent , rather than on the system its character in the script. While some of its moments are quite funny ( if eg at maximum their enthusiasm – “Trick Yo-Yo ” presents – rather nonsensical ) advised , but the Emma character is unfortunately too ridiculous and hollow. Their behavior is even for a film that works with relish oversubscription, too crazy.